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    5 Car Battery Maintenance Tips


    Car's most important equipment is its battery, because it gives the car life. It helps it to start and to run on the roads. So one should always take good care of their car battery and one is not doing so than it’s the high time you should look into it. As a car battery is made up of many chemicals, it need special care.


    Here are some tips to maintain your car batteries :-


    1. Correct place to park :- A car should be parked at the right place, like in winter if the car is not parked in the garage than there are high chances that your car’s battery will not start next day. So one should park the car in insulated garage and under shades during the hot temperature. A car parked at right place will not only give your battery life but also it will be saved from the climatic conditions and problems cause by climatic changes.
    2. Keep the car battery clean :- Make sure your car is free from dirt and dust and if the same is not have done yet, do it right away. There should be not dust or dirt on your batteries. Even keep them clean of any kind of oxidation. As these filth can make your connections weak. Always clean your car battery with wet cloth and let it dry before turning it into working condition this will clear all the dirt and also will keep the life of battery.
    3. Distilled Water :- Use distilled water always to fill your battery, it will not only give your battery a longer lifer but also distilled water helps in batter charging fast as there is no space left for gas accumulation. Distilled water is used to dilute acid, lead, acid present in the battery which is required for the flow of electricity.
    4. Keep the surroundings clear :- One should always keep the surroundings clear if you are charging the batteries, as if there is any flammable liquids or gas is present so there are chance that any kind of accident may take place. Metal products can cause terminal shorting so always keep them away from batteries.
    5. Secure the battery :- A loose battery will get knocked with other parts of the car engine. Which will not only cause problem to battery but also to other parts of the car. That will further result in more damage of the car and car will come in poor condition at a very high speed. While knocking battery will cause a lot of noise in the car too.

    These are small tips but can make a huge difference in the life of your car batteries. And can save you a lot bucks, which you will be spending on the maintenance of the batteries if you are not giving it proper care. So there is no harm in keeping your car batteries in good shape with such little changes.